Beginners resources to learn UX Design Process

As a beginner, I struggled a lot to find the best resources to learn UX design processes and tools. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any one-stop-shop to find the resources that would help me understand the basics of UX. After long research, I finally found resources that will help anyone understand and learn the basics of UX design on the go!

Below is the curated a list of those resources

Free Design courses and certifications

1. Create an account and get free access to IBM’s amazing design courses.

2. Learn the Basics of UX on this free Udemy Course

UX tools & tutorials

I’d suggest making use of these free tools while you are still in the learning phase.

  1. Adobe Xd (Unlimited projects)
  2. Figma (limited projects)
  3. Balsamiq (great for wireframing!)

1. Become almost proficient in Adobe XD ( a free designing and prototyping tool) with this 3.5 hours long youtube video.

2. A quick intro Figma tutorial to help you get started with Designing.

3. A short beginner tutorial to learn how to wireframe your ideas

Last but not least- Instagram accounts with great UX tips!

These IG accounts teach UX principles to tips & tricks that anyone can apply to their UX process.

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